Last Weekly Letter of 2018

Dear Parents,

A big thanks to all the families, parents and students, who supported our most recent bake sale and our bake sales throughout the year. Despite less than ideal weather, we still had a great afternoon, netting almost $200. To date, we have raised $763, which means each student’s trip will be at least $20.07 less. Plus, we still have a two more bake sales in 2019 to continue to lower the final payment.

This Friday is a half day. Students will be dismissed 12:15 pm. Please make appropriate arrangements to pick up your student.

We are in the midst of the flu season, and we ask families to be sensitive about sending in their student if he/she is not feeling well. We hope to keep everyone as healthy as we can leading up to our Winter Break.

We wish everyone a safe and wonderful holiday season. We look forward to taking time to be with family and recharge. We will see everyone in 2019!

All the best,

Tom and Leah

English Language Arts

  • Students will continue to work on an essay this week focused around Roberto Clemente or Althea Gibson. We are working on completing our draft and then will focus on editing and revisions. This essay will be completed before winter break
  • Students need to complete another book project by winter break.


  • Students will continue work on fractions and the multiplication of fractions.


  • We continue our second trimester Expedition, focused around systems.

Weekly Work

    • Student’s weekly assignments are posted in Google Classroom – ask them to share this with you so you can see it too and support them!


  • HWT: Pages 48 and 49 (due Tuesday)
  • IXL: M.3 & M.4 (due Wednesday)
  • Complete a reading project (due Friday)


Trimester Two Read Aloud Book –

Our second trimester read aloud book is Restart, by Gordon Korman. We have already begun this amazing book about identity and redemption. If you would still like to get your student a copy, please check out our local libraries, or purchase one at this site, here, or any other site you prefer.

Scholastic Book Club Ordering

Any books you wish to order please do so online by using this classroom code:  TKV38. We will place orders approximately every two weeks. All orders earn our classroom FREE BOOKS!

5th Grade Overnight Field Experience – Spring 2019

Camp Hanes, April 3-5, 2019

Total Cost: $120.00 per student

2nd Payment: February 1st: $25

Final Payment: March 1st: $25 max (based on funds raised so far)

Blizzard – Class Hedgehog – NEW DATES!!!

Exploris Capital Campaign

As we wrap up 2018, I invite you to think back on your experiences with Exploris. What impressed you about the school? What did your student learn at Exploris that they might not have learned at a traditional school? What field experiences did they take that opened their eyes to things that didn’t know before?

Think about those things as you consider contributing to the Exploris Capital Campaign. Your contributions will help us open the doors for the new building and ensure that many more students can take advantage of those same experiences that your student had.

We know that December is a tough time to make a contribution. You’ve got the holidays, and teacher gifts, and possibly travel or extra child care expenses because of the school break. If you can’t make a contribution now, please make a pledge! You can do both at

Thank you! Enjoy the break! And stay tuned for our classroom competitions in January!

5th Grade Writing Contest –

The Eastern North Carolina Section of the Society of Women Engineers is pleased to announce the 24th annual Great Women in Science and Engineering essay contest for fifth grade students. The goal of this contest is three-fold: to highlight the contributions and achievements of women engineers and scientists, to encourage students to learn more about these women while polishing their researching and writing skills, and to improve the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in our quality of life.

The guidelines for this year’s contest are attached to this email. If you received this email without an attachment, please note that the same information will be available shortly at

The last day to submit essays is February 21, 2019.  Contest winners will be announced and prizes will be distributed in late April/early May 2019.

This contest is open to all fifth graders (public/charter, private, and home-school). Please note that to be eligible to win, your school must fall within the zip codes in our region. As we feel this is an enriching experience, we do not wish to exclude anyone from participating; therefore, students will receive participation certificates regardless of location.

If you have any questions, please feel contact me at

Upcoming Events

(more details

  • Half Day – December 22
  • Winter Break – December 22, 2018 – January 7, 2019
  • MLK Holiday – January 21, 2019

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